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Happy Halloween 2014 !!!

Because of them I know Halloween !!!

And we are back to the time of the year which is popularly known in North America as Halloween. Kids are excited weeks in advance with their most "Ghostly" dresses and so are the business who spur only this time of the year. When I think about masked people, the thought come across my mind that how easy it is to communicate with somebody when you dont know in that moment of time. You may dislike somebody and cannot see their face, but when they are in their Halloween costume, so easy to chat.


Happy 13th Birthday Yatharth

When I fold my hands and jog down the memory lane, I can vividly remember every single moment of his progress from a joyful baby to a sensitive teenager. He is always sweet and playful. I remember on one of our trips with a few friends - he was chiming all the continents, countries. I like to learn from him, through him, so I read more and ask him more and he beats me in just a few years. Now he was aware of the entire planet and I was left behind in my own little world of knowledge. A kids transformation is indeed a matter of time and only future can tell me where it leads.

The Legend of Narendra Damodardas Modi a.k.a Modi

It is his 3rd day here in America and he has already conquered the hearts, minds and spirits of many in this country. In my memory and knowledge, I have no parallels to the love and affection he received by this land for any foreign politician and specially from India. There love is not merely because the others are no more deserving, but because Modi is class apart and has walked the talk throughout his life.

Bye Bye 2013 !!!

As the day folds in many part of the world and here in US, a reflection on 2013 is inevitable. This has been the year of many ups and less downs. The economy of the world get better, some wars were avoided and diplomacy has prevailed. Here at home, some thing has been achieved which was not done in last 75 years or so despite of various efforts - enactment of Affordable HealthCare or ObamaCare as it is popularly known as. History will tell the implications on the society and the country.

4 more years!!!

Yet again in the short history of Big Data analytics, the pundits have proved the importance of collection of Big Data and analyzing them to the core. More effective the integration and curation of the data, the better analytics and hence the outcome. So Obama campaign has delivered it for the boss and they will not go unnoticed. It may not be a mandate of a nation, but who cares, they won.

Happy New Year 2012 !!! and we play again @Sydney

Best wishes to all who agree or disagree with me. So many things to look for in 2012 -

  • London Olympics
  • US Presidential elections
  • Evolving Euro crisis
  • and few more ...

    The year started with a gunman shooting a park ranger in MT. Rainer national reserve. What a pathetic start? At the home front, we are battling with our elder one's stomach virus, missed the school on the very first day of the year. Poor chap ... hope he feels better and all of you too as the year progress.

    Formula-1 back to USA

    It's x-mas time and Santa got something for us.

    Many of you might know Pirelli for there famous calendars that we use to wonder about. Long before Vijay Mallya (Pronounce it accordingly) introduced Kingfisher calendar to Indians, Pirelli was a famous name. It was 1964 when they started the calendar and since then it has been the cult of best photographic portraits of famous models and actresses. If you need a Pirelli Calendar, well there is a way to get the original but not that easy. They are normally sold in upscale Milan market.

    Veeru, you BEAUTY !!!

    There are batsman and than there are batsman ...
    Most people who have been in a lean patch for some time and under scrutiny by national selectors will try to spend their time on crease, get settled, reach 50 in 55 balls, take it easy. But not Sehwag, he had some under 10 scores and not many big ones in the recent past, but that does not deter him from playing the way he did today in Indore. Exhilarating innings.


    Sport I love ...

    As in America, every sport is statistic and thats how they think too. In Europe and other parts of the world, sports is about beauty, the idiomatic way of making runs and all that flair that justifies the 25 Pounds you fish to watch a cricket match.

    Do they really work for $$$

    Many of the famous CEOs of today take 1 dollar as a salary. Steve jobs did it from 1997 till he died. Although his net worth was estimated to be 7 billion dollars, but the wealth was due to Disney-Pixar alliance. He never received any bonus either. Meg Whitman ( new HP CEO) is suppose to receive $1 as her annual salary and her severance package is 1.5 times of her salary if she leaves before completing the first year, so it is $1.50. Many others are same and you may google to find more such.


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