The Legend of Narendra Damodardas Modi a.k.a Modi

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It is his 3rd day here in America and he has already conquered the hearts, minds and spirits of many in this country. In my memory and knowledge, I have no parallels to the love and affection he received by this land for any foreign politician and specially from India. There love is not merely because the others are no more deserving, but because Modi is class apart and has walked the talk throughout his life. A trained RSS Sevak, staunch believer and follower of Gandhi Ji, he has shown us the way where the days ahead can be more regarding if we collectively take the responsibility of task as hand.
Every government make rules, subsidies, promises of trickle down effect and so on - But Modi has asked those, on whom he relied for the economic progress while he was CM of Gujarat to come and hekp him in the cause. The Adanis, Ambani's Kochar's and Tatas - they all buy his vision and are absolutely willing to return favors done in the past. Many politicians do favor to businesses but few ( I think just him) has asked the favors which benefits the common man instead of his bank account.
India is blessed with such selfless act by a politician who himself has risen from abject poverty and doing what he believed his entire life. Today, at MSG, the chantings of Modi, Modi and Vande Mataram at Times Square were in itself a testimony that each one of is now tired of the status-quo in Indian politics and need radical change. We pin our hopes on one Man and that is Modi and he in turn rely on us to take the responsibility for the dream we see and work towards achieving that.
He explained marvelously the Independence movement as a public movement ( "Jan Andolan") and Gandhi Ji's contribution on how he mobilize people so that whatever they did, it was for one cause - Freedom of India. Drawing similarity, Modi mentioned that development has to be the people-public partnership and no government or institution can develop a nation without the collective will of all of us to come out of it.
Striking the chord with overseas Indians and telling them anecdotal evidences of the experiences you draw after visiting India, he made it clear that he thinks and he will do something so that we here never have shame to say "I love India and it is the best place to live". These are huge promises and only a 56-inch chest can say this, as the development, if not done will throw him out of office next term. By knowing the man, what I know - he is a disciplined, tough task master and will do the job. His mentioned of even not a 15-minute vacation in last 4 months, reminds us of his work ethics. You can't command if you don't know how to obey and I believe Modi first obeys his rules and then commands and implements on the wider system.
May the force with him ...


I bet you don't even know what the force means. But all jokes aside, this is a very inspiring quotation from Modi, "I am not the relaxing type", sums up his entire policy. He has captured the hearts of millions of Indian Americans. This fiery speech is just the start the start of his term to come.

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