Happy 13th Birthday Yatharth

Harsh Pandey Blogs

When I fold my hands and jog down the memory lane, I can vividly remember every single moment of his progress from a joyful baby to a sensitive teenager. He is always sweet and playful. I remember on one of our trips with a few friends - he was chiming all the continents, countries. I like to learn from him, through him, so I read more and ask him more and he beats me in just a few years. Now he was aware of the entire planet and I was left behind in my own little world of knowledge. A kids transformation is indeed a matter of time and only future can tell me where it leads. He tried music, soccer, tennis, karate etc. but I can sense his singular gravity towards reading and knowing more about the world around. I see him always unsettled in his unconscious mind. As the hormones take over and sensitivity takes off, it is even more challenging for him and us to find his true passion.
On this Birthday, my one simple message for you is - “What defines you isn't how many times you crash but the number of times you get back.”

Keep trying till you find what you love and we are with you in your quest. One must love and respect family as there is no institution that is better. You can party your success with your friends, but we will forever be with you regardless of the result you get.

Cheer up and always !!!

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