Happy Halloween 2014 !!!

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Because of them I know Halloween !!!

And we are back to the time of the year which is popularly known in North America as Halloween. Kids are excited weeks in advance with their most "Ghostly" dresses and so are the business who spur only this time of the year. When I think about masked people, the thought come across my mind that how easy it is to communicate with somebody when you dont know in that moment of time. You may dislike somebody and cannot see their face, but when they are in their Halloween costume, so easy to chat.
It also reminds that true love is like ghosts, everybody talks about it and no one has seen. For many, it's just Eat, Drink and be a Ghost. The unconditionality in greeting people who you don't know is great. The charm of the first impressive conversation and the best behavior does come out with the right candidates. Don't believe me - Ask your dear one to take of the mask and see the expressions changing on either end. Life is a reminder of that, the more I think the more profound it becomes. More the unknown, the better we are.
Flipping the sides - Fear of unknown is one of the strongest and oldest emotion of mankind. It is the sheer fear, that brings the best in us while conversing with the unknown entity. Familiarity breeds contempt and expose the dark side of the moon. Unfamiliar faces, gestures and ghosts do tell us that if we forget the past and just start a new beginning, this Halloween can be a starter for many relations, friendships, nation building and much more. It is the burden of known that distract us from thinking about the potential in a relationship...

There are many variations of the legend of Trick-or-Treating and the Jack-o-Lantern and I would leave it to your imagination about which one to believe. For me like any festivity in life, we can take positives, refresh ourselves and have a new beginning. May all be blessed with the virtue of giving, forgiveness and make new beginnings. Some Trivia for you -
In Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts, the night designated for Trick-or-treating is often referred to as Beggars Night.
Trick-or-treating spread from the western United States eastward, stalled by sugar rationing that began in April 1942 during World War II and did not end until June 1947.





I never knew those interesting fAcTs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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