Take that, Adobe !!!

Harsh Pandey Blogs

Just woke up with the news that I was waiting for since long. Adobe has taken a wise decision and dumped the troublesome flash. The emerging standard of HTML5 is now the standard for mobile computing also. For all your limitless thoughts about implementing the ideas on cell phones can now be realized without the need for spending the money on proprietary software. Open source like Sencha ( http://www.sencha.com), Jquery (jquery.com) are some of those.
Apart from the usual ease of distribution and enabling e-learning, it is more secure, better CPU utilization for your browser and more compatible frameworks in the wide world of mobile computing.
The development cost, not working on OS/X are some of the other drawbacks that land them here. The visionary mentioned it back in the day and warned them to change their ways back in 2009, read the article (http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/), but they listened after stock plummeted around 7% recently.
Good for them and excellent for us.

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