Formula-1 back to USA

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It's x-mas time and Santa got something for us.

Many of you might know Pirelli for there famous calendars that we use to wonder about. Long before Vijay Mallya (Pronounce it accordingly) introduced Kingfisher calendar to Indians, Pirelli was a famous name. It was 1964 when they started the calendar and since then it has been the cult of best photographic portraits of famous models and actresses. If you need a Pirelli Calendar, well there is a way to get the original but not that easy. They are normally sold in upscale Milan market.

There was a time when they were hung in garages and now they are found in museums around the world celebrating female beauty.

You may check out this year's cal here -

Pirelli and Calendar, New year, they are so synonymous that I got carried away.

But that was not I was writing about -

Pirelli also manufactures the best tires for the best race in the world. Yes you got it in the subject line of this mail - The Pirelli GP Challenge ( Which is also known as Formula Grand Pree). As I told you in one of the parties that they do have a life time opportunity to drive with a F1 driver, Here you go -

(Sorry for the long build up, - I have 200$ off coupons if anybody interested) - By the way, I have done it once with a nascar driver and it was fun, but as you know Nascar is like american football and F1 is ...

Have fun, distribute it to interested pals and Happy holidays.

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