Happy New Year 2012 !!! and we play again @Sydney

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Best wishes to all who agree or disagree with me. So many things to look for in 2012 -

  • London Olympics
  • US Presidential elections
  • Evolving Euro crisis
  • and few more ...

    The year started with a gunman shooting a park ranger in MT. Rainer national reserve. What a pathetic start? At the home front, we are battling with our elder one's stomach virus, missed the school on the very first day of the year. Poor chap ... hope he feels better and all of you too as the year progress.

    I am looking forward to 6:30 PM EST start of India vs Australia second test match at Sydney. I am positive that India will not be able to pull it off with the aging batters. They must show faith in youngsters and loose couple of series with the young team as there is nothing like smooth transition from old to new. How can three people get down one fine day and make place for three new who posses just 5% of experience than the old ones. For how long Rohit Sharma will be on Mercy of Sachin Tendulkar's retirement and Zaheer Khan be playing regardless of his unreliable fitness. We must ponder deep and think about a team which when takes ground appears like 11 men are on field. Closest was Indian team in 1983 and 1985 when they won WC and Benson & Hedges World series. This team is more about personal accolades and less about Team India.
    During the build up of series, I have never heard in media about the pursuits of Team India but they always talk about "Will Tendulkar get his 100th Century?" What a royal distraction this man has been for 20 years now. We are counting his runs and the loosing streak of India keep increasing. In his 20 years of career, not a single time he has been able to pull of a test series out side India on his own merit.
    People talk about his last SCG innings of 241 not out. Today, SCG published top 10 innings played in last 100 years at SCG and you guesses it right, it was on Debut @SCG ( 277, runout on a bad call by Carl hooper), a inning as fluent as you will ever see in test cricket. Nice balance and stroke play.

    So my hunch, If Dhoni calls it correctly and India Bats-
    Veeru 50+ India in a great position
    Otherwise, less than 300 all out on day one.

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