4 more years!!!

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Yet again in the short history of Big Data analytics, the pundits have proved the importance of collection of Big Data and analyzing them to the core. More effective the integration and curation of the data, the better analytics and hence the outcome. So Obama campaign has delivered it for the boss and they will not go unnoticed. It may not be a mandate of a nation, but who cares, they won.
Tireless number of hours for the past 4 years and moreover last year in collecting the data points on every person of the electorate. It was a systematic effort to find their ways of life, functional, tactical and strategic decisions they made about their food habits, preparation for future ( Insurance, 401k s and so on) and values ( family and work ethics). This allowed them to reach the nitty-gritty of each person and press the button that eventually made them to vote. The applied analytics was for the targeted audience who are the potential voters, so it was not detesting the Romney folks in a negative way to go for vote against them. These type of decision and micro-marketing for a US presidential election is only possible when you have some masters in handling Big data and analyzing them to your advantage.
As the jargon is getting some ground now, more and more businesses will focus on multiple data points where they can apply the knowledge and ensure the "undecided" customers get to buy their products. Whether it is search engine optimization ( old trick ) or curation of big data that allows to analyze and answer the questions to profit from it. Investment will be high and wide in the world of big data in coming days, people with right skills will find themselves in interesting positions. These are mathematicians, statisticians and computer programmers who won the election for president.
The shot from the new movie "SKYFALL" was all but relevant when the compter guy answers Daniel Craig's cynicism about desk job on a shanghai train station - "What you can do it in a entire year about fact finding on your enemies can be done by me overnight sitting in pyjamas"


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