Bye Bye 2013 !!!

Harsh Pandey Blogs

As the day folds in many part of the world and here in US, a reflection on 2013 is inevitable. This has been the year of many ups and less downs. The economy of the world get better, some wars were avoided and diplomacy has prevailed. Here at home, some thing has been achieved which was not done in last 75 years or so despite of various efforts - enactment of Affordable HealthCare or ObamaCare as it is popularly known as. History will tell the implications on the society and the country. Syrian war was avoided, Egypt and Libya are back in business of rebuilding their country into democracy and people participation, Nelson Mandela expired after serving the cause of equality for almost half a century. New pope is pretty impressive and making headlines every now and then. Gun debate has been a serious consideration by the washington elites. Markets have soared since the beginning of the year and all the three indexes have risen more than 20%. Seems like a great year , hmm!!!
On top of my list is the emergence of AAP ( Aaam Aadmi Party) in India. It was taken lightly by many political circles.

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